Course Hero

What is Course Hero?

This is how they describe themselves:
"Course Hero was built by students to help students!
"Course Hero is an open social learning network for students, educators and self-learners to publish, share and view academic resources online. In support of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement.

Course Hero provides critical and timely learning assistance through our user-contributed materials and most importantly online study groups comprised of students, educators and self-learners."

Course Hero is a social learning network which aims to assist college students in getting shared resources. Members of this networking site can share and view academic resources online with products and services for undergraduate and graduate students such as MAE 302 Chapter Solution. Course Hero prioritize honesty and does not promote plagiarism, the shared materials are meant to be used to support current study.

In order to access the shared educational documents in Course Hero, one should already have a Facebook account. Once logged on, we can access to more than 200,000 textbooks submitted by fellow students and also have the opportunity to meet over 300,000 students and classmates. You can view resources from many universities such as North Carolina State University

Currently the Web site boasts that it has over 500,000 course-related documents from over 200 universities. Grauer added that the site hopes to expand its material to be more interactive.
The Virginia Tech page on Course Hero displayed over 72,000 documents and 48,000 student members.

Despite the site's popularity, some teachers have expressed concern that Web sites such as Course Hero, along with other similar Web sites including, can lower the quality of learning that a student experiences.

As a result of Web sites, professors have turned to different methods to test their students, including essay questions.

Though there are some disputes about the Web site's place in the academic environment, Course Hero officials hope that with time the site will become a more viable option for students.

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